MOST Corporation is a multifaceted international research and development company. Our initial focus on technology transfer, automation and testing in the semiconductor manufacturing industry prepared us to meet the growing demand for computer-related products, as well as quality consumer products. The result is a dynamic company, active in the design, manufacture, and delivery of a wide array of proprietary products and systems for a diverse range of markets and industries.


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MOST Precision Motion Ball Screws are used in various applications across industries including; aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, machining and automation. MOST Precision Motion uses patent-pending proprietary technology in the design and manufacturing of a revolutionary orbital ball screw. We supply our ball screws to Industry leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

The MOST Precision Motion Advantage: Seasoned founders, management and engineering teams with proven success. Revolutionary, end-to-end design to manufactured process for our precision motion ball screw products done at our own MOST Precision Motion U.S. facilities with creative technology transfer that enables MOST Precision Motion to manufacture all major components for less time and money than possible elsewhere including the Far East.


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  • defense
  • robotics
  • automotive
  • semiconductor
  • medical